Transcriptome sequencing during mouse brain development identifies long non-coding RNAs functionally involved in neurogenic commitment

Aprea J, Prenninger S, Dori M, Ghosh T, Monasor LS, Wessendorf E, Zocher S, Massalini S, Alexopoulou D, Lesche M, Dahl A, Groszer M, Hiller M, Calegari F (2013). EMBO J 32:3145-3160.

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Genetic disruption of Pten in a novel mouse model of tomaculous neuropathy

Goebbels S, Oltrogge JH, Wolfer S, Wieser GL, Nientiedt T, Pieper A, Ruhwedel T, Groszer M, Sereda MW, Nave KA (2012) . EMBO molecular medicine 4:486-499.

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Input-specific learning rules at excitatory synapses onto hippocampal parvalbumin-expressing interneurons

 Le Roux N, Cabezas C, Bohm UL, Poncer JC
2013 J Physiol 591:1809-1822.

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Activity-dependent regulation of the K/Cl transporter KCC2 membrane diffusion, clustering, and function in hippocampal neurons

Chamma I, Heubl M, Chevy Q, Renner M, Moutkine I, Eugene E, Poncer JC, Levi S
2013 J Neurosci 33:15488-15503.

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Molecular and functional characterization of GAD67-expressing, newborn granule cells in mouse dentate gyrus

Cabezas C, Irinopoulou T, Cauli B, Poncer JC
2013 Front Neural Circuits 7:60.

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Role of the neuronal K-Cl co-transporter KCC2 in inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission

Chamma I, Chevy Q, Poncer JC, Levi S
2012 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 6:5.


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A human mutation in Gabrg2 associated with generalized epilepsy alters the membrane dynamics of GABAA receptors

Bouthour W, Leroy F, Emmanuelli C, Carnaud M, Dahan M, Poncer JC, Lévi S.
2012 Cereb Cortex. 22(7):1542-53.
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Organelle and cellular abnormalities associated with hippocampal heterotopia in neonatal doublecortin knockout mice

Khalaf-Nazzal R, Bruel-Jungerman E, Rio JP, Bureau J, Irinopoulou T, Sumia I, Roumegous A, Martin E, Olaso R, Parras C, Cifuentes-Diaz C, Francis F
2013 PLoS One 8:e72622.

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Hippocampal development - Old and new findings

Khalaf-Nazzal R, Francis F
2013 Neuroscience 248C:225-242.

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Doublecortin knockout mice show normal hippocampal-dependent memory despite CA3 lamination defects

Germain J, Bruel-Jungerman E, Grannec G, Denis C, Lepousez G, Giros B, Francis F, Nosten-Bertrand M.
2013 PLoS One 20;8(9)

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