Girault / Hervé

Les publications de l'équipe Girault / Hervé.

Corticostriatal plasticity modulation: New roads for therapeutic targets

Pelosi A.
2016 Mov Disord.;31(7):968

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Acute drug-induced spine changes in the nucleus accumbens are dependent on β-adducin.

Engmann O, Giralt A, Girault JA.
2016 Neuropharmacology.110(Pt A):333-42

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Dendritic diameter influences the rate and magnitude of hippocampal cAMP and PKA transients during β-adrenergic receptor activation

Luczak V, Blackwell KT, Abel T, Girault JA, Gervasi N.
2016 Neurobiol Learn Mem.S1074-7427(16)30149-6

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Anatomical and molecular characterization of dopamine D1 receptor-expressing neurons of the mouse CA1 dorsal hippocampus

Puighermanal E, Cutando L, Boubaker-Vitre J, Honoré E, Longueville S, Hervé D, Valjent E.
2017 Brain Struct Funct;222(4):1897-1911

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Dopamine D2 receptors gate generalization of conditioned threat responses through mTORC1 signaling in the extended amygdala

De Bundel D, Zussy C, Espallergues J, Gerfen CR, Girault JA, Valjent E.
2016 Mol Psychiatry.21(11):1545-1553.

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