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Les publications de l'équipe Francis / Goutebroze.

Mutation of the α-tubulin Tuba1a leads to straighter microtubules and perturbs neuronal migration.

Belvindrah R., Natarajan K., Shabajee P., Bruel-Jungerman E., Bernard J., Goutierre M., Moutkine I., Jaglin X. H., Savariradjane M., Irinopoulou T., Poncer J. C., Janke C., Francis F.
2017 J Cell Biol. 216(8):2443-2461

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Assembly of juxtaparanodes in myelinating DRG culture: Differential clustering of the Kv1/Caspr2 complex and scaffolding protein 4.1B.

Hivert B, Pinatel D, Labasque M, Tricaud N, Goutebroze L, Faivre-Sarrailh C.
2016 Glia.May;64(5):840-52.

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Doublecortin (DCX) is not essential for survival and differentiation of newborn neurons in the adult mouse dentate gyrus.

Dhaliwal J, Xi Y, Bruel-Jungerman E, Germain J, Francis F, Lagace DC.
2016 Front Neurosci.11;9:494

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Mutations in Eml1 lead to ectopic progenitors and neuronal heterotopia in mouse and human

Kielar M, Phan Dinh Tuy F, Bizzotto S, Lebrand C, de Juan Romero C, Poirier K, Oegema R, Mancini GM, Bahi-Buisson N, Olaso R, Le Moing AG, Boutourlinsky K, Boucher D, Carpentier W, Berquin P, Deleuze JF, Belvindrah R, Borrell V, Welker E, Chelly J, Croquelois A, Francis F
2014 Nat Neurosci. 17(7):923-33

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Beta tubulin isoforms are not interchangeable for rescuing impaired radial migration due to Tubb3 knockdown

Saillour Y, Broix L, Bruel-Jungerman E, Lebrun N, Muraca G, Rucci J, Poirier K, Belvindrah R, Francis F, Chelly J
2014 Hum Mol Genet 23(6):1516-26

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